2024 Public Holidays in Palau

Public Holidays in Palau in 2024

Palau, a small island nation in the western Pacific Ocean, observes several public holidays throughout the year. These holidays are an important part of Palauan culture and heritage, reflecting both traditional customs and modern celebrations. From commemorating historical events to observing religious festivals, these holidays provide opportunities for Palauans to come together, reflect on their identity, and celebrate their nation. Below is a list and description of public holidays in Palau for the year 2024.

National Holidays

New Year’s Day – January 1st

New Year’s Day is celebrated in Palau as the first day of the Gregorian calendar year. It is a time for gatherings with family and friends, festive meals, and cultural events. Many Palauans attend church services or participate in community celebrations, including fireworks displays and traditional dances, to welcome the new year.

Constitution Day – July 9th

Constitution Day commemorates the adoption of the Palauan Constitution on July 9th, 1981. It is a national holiday that celebrates Palau’s independence and sovereignty. The day is marked by official ceremonies, flag-raising events, cultural performances, and educational programs highlighting the significance of the constitution in shaping the nation’s governance and identity.

Independence Day – October 1st

Independence Day marks the day when Palau gained full sovereignty from the United Nations Trusteeship under the United States on October 1st, 1994. It is one of the most important national holidays in Palau, celebrated with patriotic fervor and pride. Festivities include parades, speeches by government officials, cultural displays, and traditional music and dance performances.

Christmas Day – December 25th

Christmas Day is celebrated by Christians worldwide as the birth of Jesus Christ. In Palau, it is a time for religious services, family gatherings, and festive meals. Many Palauans decorate their homes with Christmas decorations and lights, and gifts are exchanged among family members and friends. Some communities also organize Christmas concerts and pageants to celebrate the holiday spirit.

Cultural Holidays

Youth Day – March 15th

Youth Day celebrates the contributions and achievements of young people in Palau. It is a day to recognize the importance of youth empowerment, education, and participation in society. Various events and activities are organized to promote youth development, including sports competitions, talent shows, workshops, and community service projects.

Constitution Convention Day – June 8th

Constitution Convention Day commemorates the convening of the Palauan Constitutional Convention in 1979, which laid the foundation for the drafting of the Palauan Constitution. It is a day to reflect on the democratic principles and values enshrined in the constitution and to honor the delegates who played a key role in shaping Palau’s governance.

Religious Holidays

Good Friday – April 19th

Good Friday is observed by Christians worldwide as the day of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death. In Palau, it is a solemn day of reflection and prayer. Many Palauans attend church services and participate in religious processions and ceremonies, commemorating the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for humanity’s redemption.

Easter Sunday – April 21st

Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, as described in the Christian Bible. It is a joyous occasion for Christians, symbolizing hope, renewal, and eternal life. In Palau, Easter Sunday is marked by church services, family gatherings, and festive meals. Many communities also organize Easter egg hunts and other activities for children.


Palau celebrates a variety of public holidays throughout the year, each with its own cultural, historical, and religious significance. These holidays provide opportunities for Palauans to come together, celebrate their heritage, and strengthen their sense of national identity. Whether commemorating independence, honoring the constitution, or observing religious festivals, public holidays in Palau play an important role in fostering unity, pride, and community spirit.

Public Holiday Date Days Off Groups Celebrating
New Year’s Day January 1 1 All
Constitution Day July 9 1 All
Independence Day October 1 1 All
Christmas Day December 25 1 Christians, All
Youth Day March 15 1 Youth, All
Constitution Convention Day June 8 1 All
Good Friday April 19 1 Christians, All
Easter Sunday April 21 1 Christians, All